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university spin-off and employment of graduates

Germany and the federal state of NRW also offer specific funding programmes for students and academic staff at universities. University spin-offs – We advise as coaches and help teams with the application and processing of funding programmes.

Start-Up Transfer.NRW

The programme provides start-up companies from universities in North Rhine-Westphalia with capital to develop research projects with high start-up and business potential.

  • The projects can focus on technological, economic or social innovations, but can also be based on innovative, knowledge-intensive services.
  • The funding amount over a period of 18 months (+ max. 6 months) is a maximum of 240,000 € (+ max. 80,000 €) and includes not only personnel and overhead expenses, material and material expenses as well as investments but also expenses for founder coaching.
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Mittelstand.innovativ! – Innovation Assistent

  • The program promotes the exchange of knowledge between universities and small businesses.
  • The aim is to strengthen entrepreneurial innovation through the transfer of knowledge from the university by employing graduates.
  • The precondition is that the company has a maximum of 50 employees, of whom a maximum of five are university graduates.
  • The support is provided over a period of up to two years and can amount to either 15,000 € per year (up to now a maximum of 5 academics have been employed) or 22,500 € per year (up to now no academics have been employed).

Are you looking for professional caching?

We accompany you within the framework of the following programs

  • in the application and preparation of all necessary documents,
  • in the preparation of a convincing pitch and
  • as an accompanying coach through the entire project and development phase.

EXIST-Founders Scholarship

  • The program supports students, graduates and scientific staff from universities and non-university research institutions in realizing their start-up projects and translating them into a business plan.
  • The projects can be technology-oriented or knowledge-based innovations with recognizable unique selling points and good prospects of economic success.
  • Over a maximum period of one year, 1,000 € (students), 2,000 € (technical staff), 2,500 € (graduates) or 3,000 € (PhD students) can be drawn from the scholarship to secure personal livelihoods. In addition, capital of up to €30,000 is available for material expenses and €5,000 for start-up coaching.

University spin-offs – We help as a coach!

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