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Meeting challenges correctly

The path from a business idea to a successful start-up poses numerous challenges.

  • For more than 18 years, this process has been a focal point of Thierhoff Consulting’s consulting activities.
  • We have never done anything but advise start-ups on capital acquisition, public funding, business model development, financial planning, calculations, pricing, business angel search, venture capital, corporate investors and various other topics related to start-ups.
  • Thierhoff Consulting has organized and conducted dozens of individual events, hackathons, startup weekends, startup camps.
  • Mr. Kai Thierhoff also deals with exactly this topic in his function as professor at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln.
  • Through this experience we have already successfully accompanied numerous start-ups on their way.
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We support start-ups in the acquisition of capital!

We have many years of experience in applying for public funds and a broad network of investors.

Overview of financing alternatives

Possibilities of capital acquisition

We know the advantages and disadvantages of the various financing sources and know exactly which sources can be optimally used in which entrepreneurial phase.

  • Financing by the founding team can make sense up to a certain point in time.
  • Angel investments and venture capital, on the other hand, accelerate the growth process enormously.
  • A marketing effective product can also be financed by crowdfunding or crowd investment.
  • In early phases, however, we often recommend applying for grant capital / public funding.
  • We also present interested start-up teams to the relevant incubators and accelerators.

Growth capital

Due to our long-standing work with various investors, venture capital companies, corporates and business angels, we have access to a very broad network of capital providers for different business phases, industry focuses and investment sizes.

  • We identify the most promising investors for our clients and actively approach them.
  • We strategically prepare the teams for negotiations and pitches.
  • And we accompany them continuously up to the successful investment.
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Project and grant capital

In recent years, we have already very successfully acquired public, non-repayable grants for various innovative customer projects amounting to a total of well into the seven-digit range.

  • We have detailed knowledge of the funding landscape (state, federal and EU programs) and the advantages and disadvantages of the various programs.
  • Through our experience in project application and execution, we help companies to finance innovative and high-risk projects.
  • On request, we can show you various funding options and support you in the application process and the administrative handling of project implementation
  • Grants can be acquired for a wide range of industries, company sizes and projects.

We develop and optimize innovative and sustainable business models!

We put a special focus on unique selling propositions and scalability.

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Pitch Deck, Investor Presentation & Business Plan

How founders sell themselves successfully

A pitch deck, an investor presentation or a business plan is first and foremost a sales document and an external business card.

  • The documents serve to underline the probability of success of a business model and the plausibility and, if necessary, scalability of the KPIs and the other financial plan.
  • To acquire capital from investors, business angels or banks, a first attention-grabbing teaser, a conclusive pitch deck or business plan is essential.
  • By focusing on business start-ups, we have extensive experience in creating and optimizing pitch decks, investor presentations and business plans and support founders, start-ups and entrepreneurs in all necessary steps.

Sales and financial planning

Securing future development opportunities

In fact, many young companies fail due to insufficient liquidity or late capital acquisition.

  • Especially in the initial phase, any planning is subject to numerous unknowns, which add up and can have considerable effects on business activity.
  • We therefore support start-ups and companies with realistic financial planning and company valuation right from the start, so that future development opportunities are secured.
  • Financial planning serves as orientation, increases planning security and can therefore be used to control liquidity.
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Pitch coaching and negotiation management

Presentation of the business idea

A successful pitch can provide an attractive financing option for start-ups. A presentation of the business model individually tailored to the investor is essential for this.

  • Based on many years of experience in dealing with investors, we prepare start-ups specifically for potential questions, reservations and conflicts and thus support proactive action.
  • In the event of external participation, we aim to achieve the best possible conditions for our clients.
  • We provide comprehensive advice both before and during the negotiation process (no legal advice).

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