Our services for entrepreneurs

Business security and growth


  • Whether growth, research, new product development or liquidity needs: there are numerous reasons and situations in which a company needs additional capital.
  • We advise on the advantages and disadvantages of different financial products and possibilities,
  • help you make the right decisions and bring you together with the right partners.

Public funding programs

  • We are looking for and applying for public funding programs at EU, federal or state level and
  • bring you together with research and implementation partners for cooperation projects if necessary.

Networking with startups

  • We connect established SMEs or larger companies with startups.
  • As a result, established companies can benefit from entrepreneurial cooperation, participation or the transfer of methods and working methods.
  • We can accompany the development of an innovation centre and
  • organize a topic-specific hackathon or startup pitch for the client.

Buying & Selling Companies

  • We support in the area of merger & acquisitions.
  • An economic Due Dilligence can be prepared and accompanied by us.
  • We act as intermediaries and bring together investors and sellers.

Business Optimization

  • We help to effectively redesign business processes and to future-proof the company.
  • For the development of new (digital) business areas, we bring IT and marketing experts into the team if necessary.

Digitization & Innovation

  • We support companies in actually implementing digitalization and innovation.
  • To this end, we examine the existing company processes, products and services and derive potential for digitization and innovation.
  • We help with the development and implementation of the digital strategy, the development of new business areas or a new business model.

We support companies in financing issues as well as in innovation and digitalization processes.

We have an extensive network of innovative startups, digitalization experts, public funding providers and investors.

Financing and innovation

Reflect on your market position and let us implement innovation together

The foundation of healthy business growth is solid financing combined with a constant willingness to pursue new and innovative paths.

  • On the basis of benchmarking and precise knowledge of the market and competition, one’s own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks are reflected.
  • From this we derive an individual corporate strategy and implement it together with our customer.
  • We support entrepreneurs in deciding on the appropriate financing route and capital acquisition via banks, investors and public funding.
  • We also help in the event of a company takeover or a company sale.
Prof. Dr. Kai Thierhoff in conversation

Innovation and digitalization

We help companies digitize and implement their own innovation strategy. To do this, we connect with startups, help to build a corporate entrepreneurship area, organize a hackathon, a pitchday for startups or support in participating in innovation companies.

Innovation and digitalization

We bring established companies into the world of startups

We help companies to implement corporate entrepreneurship, participate in startups or build new cooperations. Our proximity to high-growth startups enables us to bring together innovative teams and cooperation partners:

  • Based on our network, we can introduce established companies and medium-sized companies to startups that fit the corporate strategy precisely because of their technology or product.
  • We can also bring together management and leaders with the minds of the startup world, successful founders, investors or experts from a wide range of fields.
  • We plan or implement an overall strategy for corporate entrepreneurship or organize topic-specific individual events such as hackathons or startup pitches.

Are you planning to expand or re-establish the Corporate Entrepreneurship division? Do you want to support your employees, to be more entrepreneurial, to structure their own ideas and to develop and implement them together as a team for the company? Would you like to have a sparring partner with us who will develop, organise and mentor this process together? Then contact us!

Would you like to participate in one or more startups? Ideally, these should come from their industry environment and even enable cooperation in the process or product and service if necessary? To do this, do you need us as a partner at your side to develop and implement a suitable investment strategy for you? Then please contact us!

Would you like to involve startups, freelancers or individual experts in the development and solution of specific business challenges and thus to establish new contacts and achieve initial solutions or prototypes as part of a pitchday or hackathon? We can organize this for you within the framework of a locally, regionally or nationwide organized hackathon or pitchdays: from the operational event organization, through the program development, to the participant and speaker management, we offer all necessary services from a single source.

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Optimization of business processes

Solutions for more profitability

We analyse existing processes and the business model and show new and innovative solutions.

  • Is a company not, or no longer sufficiently profitable? Have the market and competitive situation changed and the company strategy and internal processes are planned to be adapted and optimally aligned with the changed market situation?
  • We are happy to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a company in terms of individual corporate strategy and jointly develop solutions in the areas of adaptation of the business model, digitalization, innovation as well as work and process organization.

Project capital through public funding

Through a detailed knowledge of the funding landscape, the advantages and disadvantages of the various programmes and the experience in project management, we help to finance innovative and risky projects and research and development activities.

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Buying and selling companies

Professional advice in the M&A process

The legal process of changing ownership is preceded by extensive organizational preparation.

  • Among other things, company salesman supports Thierhoff Consulting in the preparation of company data on Due Dilligence and the creation of a convincing sales presentation.
  • We also act as intermediaries between investors from our extensive network and willing entrepreneurs.
  • Interested parties benefit from researching suitable investments and drawing up a robust financial plan for the planned purchase of a company or company share.

Public funding

Opening up new business areas with public funds

We offer entrepreneurs comprehensive services in the field of public support. We accompany the development of ideas, through the identification of the right cooperation partners and the subsequent application, up to the project execution during the project period.

  • We have a detailed knowledge of the funding landscape (state, federal and EU programs) and the advantages and disadvantages of the various programs.
  • Through our experience in project application and execution, we help companies to finance innovative and risky projects.
  • Together with our customers, we have already been able to realize a seven-figure grant for innovative projects and technologies.
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This is what sets us apart

  • We have more than 20 years of consulting experience.

  • We specialize in the challenges of entrepreneurs.

  • We have a large network of public sponsors and private and institutional investors.

  • We are and have been the initiator and host of various startup conferences and hackathons.

  • Kai Thierhoff is professor for entrepreneurship.

  • Our team has successfully founded or co-founded various startups.

Have we aroused your interest?

Then we look forward to your contact and an interesting exchange of ideas

We sit in Cologne and Berlin

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