Our services for entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs

Choose the right growth strategy

The foundation of any healthy company is solid financing.

  • In combination with a precise knowledge of the market and the competitive situation, a successful corporate strategy can be implemented and the company can grow.
  • Thierhoff Consulting supports entrepreneurs in the acquisition of capital and the decision for the individually suitable financing method.
  • In addition, we also offer our clients comprehensive services in the event of a company takeover or sale.


We bring established companies into the world of startups

Due to our proximity to high-growth and innovative startups, we find the right cooperation partners.

  • We offer established companies and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to bring them together with startups and innovative young companies.
  • Due to our industry affiliation and our own services, we can present startups that are exactly active in your field.
  • We can also bring management, executives and interested parties together with our network.

Public funding

Opening up new business areas with public funds

As for startups, we offer entrepreneurs and their companies comprehensive services in the field of public funding. We assist in the development of ideas and projects, the identification of the right cooperation partners and the subsequent application process, right through to project implementation during the project period.

  • We have detailed knowledge of the funding landscape (state, federal and EU programs) and the advantages and disadvantages of the various programs.
  • Through our experience in project application and execution, we help companies to finance innovative and high-risk projects.
  • In particular, we are active within the framework of the NRW Lead Market Competitions, which open up numerous perspectives for innovative change for entrepreneurs and SMEs.
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Project capital through public funding:

with a detailed knowledge of the funding landscape, the advantages and disadvantages of the various programs and our experience in project management, we help to facilitate the financing of innovative and high-risk projects and research and development activities.

Purchase and sale of companies

Professional advice in the M&A process

The legal process of the change of ownership is preceded by extensive organizational preparation.

  • Thierhoff Consulting supports company vendors among other things with the preparation of company data and the creation of a convincing sales presentation.
  • • We also act as an intermediary between investors from our extensive network and entrepreneurs willing to sell.
  • • Interested parties benefit from the research for suitable investments and the preparation of a reliable financial plan for the planned purchase of a company or share in a company.

Development of marketing strategies

Position yourself correctly

We support companies in repositioning themselves on the market

  • • Market and competitive position describe the external situation of a company.
  • • In order to influence it and increase the company’s success, internal factors (product and company characteristics) must be considered more closely and, if necessary, optimized.
  • • Thierhoff Consulting supports entrepreneurs in this process. This may range from the development of the product core, the identification of an alternative product positioning to the implication of an alternative sales strategy.

Optimization of business processes

Solutions for more profitability

We analyze existing processes and the business model and point out new and innovative solutions.

  • • Is a company not profitable or not profitable enough? Have the market and competitive situation changed and are the corporate strategy and internal processes planned to be adapted and optimally aligned to the changed market situation?
  • • We like to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a company with regard to its individual corporate strategy and develop solutions together in the areas of business model adaptation, digitalization, innovation as well as work and process organization.
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Prof. Dr. Kai Thierhoff in conversation

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We sit in Cologne and Berlin

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